Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country.

Puerto Ricans Are Americans

$39 | 24x36in. | Limited Run (750)

Artist: Jack Bloom

20% of profits will go directly to the ACLU to help fight ICE.

Stand together. Send a loud and clear message to the White House that Puerto Ricans living in The United States are American citizens. Make no mistake, Trump and his cronies are using their war against “illegal immigrants” to target all Latinx, regardless of our citizen status. ICE has already detained at least one Puerto Rican. We can't continue to let this happen. Based on a poll conducted in 2017, nearly half of Americans don’t know that Puerto Ricans are citizens. We need to change this. Let the rest of the country know —Puerto Ricans Are Americans.

20% of profits from this print will go to ACLU. Why? Because they go to court. They understand the court system and our rights.

About Pixel Riot Art

Hey there, I'm Jason. My vision is to showcase one limited-run poster each month, created by a talented (and often local to Atlanta) artist.

Each new piece of art will be themed around a cause I am passionate about, with 20% of profits going to help that cause.

After the month is over, or the poster is sold out, a new piece of curated art will replace the previous, with a new charity to contribute to.

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